These small bedroom ideas are big on style – Part 1

Small bedrooms ideas can turn a tiny cramped space into a must-see retreat with practical storage solutions and enviable interior design schemes. Forget the idea that tiny spaces can only be decorated in light colours and with minimal furniture and learn how to create small bedroom designs filled with colour and texture.

Look for the right room design for your space. Planning a small bedroom can be a challenge, but with clever bedroom storage ideas and the right bedroom colours, even the most petite space can be turned into a clutter-free and beautiful bedroom.

Start by choosing your theme. Whether you are after modern bedroom ideas or vintage bedroom ideas, opting for something chic and elegant, such as a blue and white colour scheme will create a stunning base to build on. Add touches of toile on soft furnishings, a shabby chic bedroom cabinet and a fabric chair and your small bedroom will be filled with French charm.

If you love bold prints, don’t shy away from your favourite pattern in a small bedroom. Whether it’s on walls or soft furnishings, make a feature out of a strong design: papering one wall with flocked or floral wallpaper will stop the pattern from taking over the small room, but will still achieve the desired finish.

Seek out storage ideas for small bedrooms and save space by choosing smart solutions, such as under-the-bed boxes or built-in shelving units, or by opting for a single bed over a double, or even small beds that take up less floor space than standard sizes. If you are renovating an attic, slot the bed under the sloping roof to make room for more furniture. Create depth with textured soft furnishings, warm colours and personal touches to give the room a homely touch.

1. Layer up whites on a dark floor

Layer up whites on a dark floor

Use shades of white on walls, furniture, storage, bed linen, wall art and lighting so everything blends in rather than stands out from its background – one key to making a smaller space feel larger. A totally white scheme can lack interest, however, so be sure to include colour and pattern on cushions and a high sheen finish on lighting. A dark rather than pale floor adds a contemporary edge.

2. Squeeze storage in wherever you can

Squeeze storage in wherever you can

Look for storage that exactly fits the space you have – no matter how small. The area at the foot of these twin beds is perfect for this chest of drawers with its bowed front and eau de nil paint finish. The beamed walls provide a framework of oak that makes the furniture look tailor-made for this spot next to the window.

3. Keep cool in pale grey and white

Keep cool in pale grey and white

Pick a pale grey paint shade for walls – it will keep a tiny space feeling airy but without being cold – and use the same paint on fitted furniture. This run of a single shade around the room keeps the looks super simple, streamlined and sophisticated. A bed dressed in crisp white and black is matched by a Roman blind, wall light and floorstanding mirror. A pendant shade featuring colourful birds is a contrasting piece that draws the eye.

4. Go modern country in an attic bedroom

Go modern country in an attic bedroom

Make the most of the limited full head room in an attic space bedroom. A gable end loft conversion with two sloping roofs is a challenge to decorate because even if the floor area is generous, only the very centre of the space will be fully usuable. Position your bed dead centre and place everything else around it. Many loft conversions are full-on modern, but this pretty room proves that a country look can earn its place here too.

5. Keep it simple

Keep it simple

Let Velux-style windows and sloping eaves shine by going for an unadorned, simplicity-itself decorating scheme in your small bedroom. In this stylish space blonde wood and white are the touchstones with a scalloped-shaped bed frame and subtly patterned cushions creating a minimalist sophisticated feel that can’t fail to impress.

6. Say it with symmetry

Say it with symmetry

Symmetry can really work for you in a compact space. These twin beds and mirrors and a shared bedside table are so stylish that you don’t even notice the bijou proportions of the room. Keep to a single graduating colour scheme but a complementary mix of patterns to keep things interesting.

7. Emphasise the elegant

Emphasise the elegant

Bring together satin fabrics and elegant furnishings and make the tiniest of spaces special. The scrolling, curving lines of bedhead and chaise-longue lead the way in this loft bedroom and a sophisticated look is created with just four pieces of furniture. The roof beams add a sense of drama.

8. Use pattern to distract from size

Use pattern to distract from size

Go for a full-on decorative theme and make a small space stunning. This most compact of compact rooms has space for a bed, side table and little else yet the floral theme turns it into a highlight of the house. A traditional-style floral quilt, vintage-style flower cushion covers, pillowcases and lampshades and botanical-design wall art make their mark against a statement sky-blue bed, stripped wood floor and whitewashed panelled walls. Just perfect.

9. Make a virtue of an awkward shape

Make a virtue of an awkward shape

Loft-space bedrooms can look large but only the centre tends to be fully useable, with sloping eaves rendering the periphery functional for storage only. Load-bearing beams and pillars don’t always fall in the ideal place when it comes to planning where to place furniture, but they can be turned into eyecatching features that make a decorative scheme very special indeed. Here a central wallpapered pillar provides cosy alcoves for reading lamps and a centrepoint around which the symmetrical scheme of wardrobes, bed and chests of drawers is designed.

10. Jazz it up with feature wallpaper

Jazz it up with feature wallpaper

A feature wall is a relatively simple but high impact way to transform any room in your home. Perk up a small bedroom with a floral wallpaper design. Avoid overpowering the space by hanging it on one feature wall behind your bed.

11. Make a tight space a feature with exposed walls

Make a tight space a feature with exposed walls

If you have a low ceiling area, such as in a loft conversion, tuck your bed under any slope to save space. The pretty stonework detailing and classic prints make a lovely focal point in this attic bedroom. For a shortcut route to beautiful walls, look out for faux stone or brick wallpaper and get the look without the labour.

12. Measure up for bedside storage

Measure up for bedside storage

Just because your bedroom is small, doesn’t mean you can’t buy a statement bed frame, perfect for a classic-style look. Choose a design that’s not solid, like an iron frame, and keep the walls and flooring neutral. No matter how small the space between bed and walls there’ll be storage to fit, so measure up and start your search. A cream and blue blind with a French-inspired design can create the basis for a neutral scheme with touches of deep blue adding interest.

13. Plan your colour placement

Plan your colour placement

Add points of interest in a light scheme with hits of soothing blue. Blue toiles and checks, distressed and painted furniture and a delicate lace bedspread exude classic French charm in this compact bedroom.

14. Make the most of the light

Make the most of the light

Use colours in a position that will make the most of the light from a bedroom window. Muted colours are a great choice for small bedrooms. Here, a soothing palette of of stone, grey and beige adorns a cosy master bedroom. Subtle personal touches, like the cushions and plaque, create a lived-in feel.

15. Choose a slimline black metal bed frame

Choose a slimline black metal bed frame

Just because your bedroom is small, doesn’t mean you can’t buy a statement bed frame, perfect for a vintage-style look. Choose a design that’s not solid, like an iron frame, and keep the walls and flooring neutral.

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